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Introducing Febo Designs

Frankie Boyle

Frankie Boyle is a creative director who specialises in the medium of light. Her company, Febo Designs, art-directs unforgettable, multi-sensory experiences. Febo Designs uses light, texture, form and colour for projects and events of all kinds.

Frankie’s previous experience includes working for several years with Light Initiative, one of London’s top LED companies, as well as Isometrix Lighting Design, a global architectural lighting company. Her intricate and progressive light work draws on more than eight years of experience with events, live TV shows, photography and promotional campaigns. Frankie has collaborated with many artists, designers and brands, most recently working in Vienna with a leading lighting company to produce a new, cutting edge lighting product.

Building on her expansive understanding of using light to accompany and support concept and storytelling, Frankie’s direction has evolved to explore how light can play a bigger part in the immersive and entertainment sector.  With this in mind, Febo Designs specialises in fusing high-end lighting technology with material research to create tangible experiences that people can relate to. For Frankie, it is of major importance that the participant builds an emotional relationship with the experience. She has learned that this needs to grow from transparency of process, and the participant’s understanding of and investment in the steps that curate their experience.

Working across many disciplines, she has developed the network necessary to pull together perfect bespoke teams. This, together with her ability to collaborate creatively, and her capacity to think laterally  allows her to create powerful new formats in visual communication to make projects truly original and memorable.

This has all culminated in Frankie Boyle’s prime focus – using light and colour as a powerful form of communication to craft potent, visceral experiences.


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