Aitor Throup


Lighting, Pyrotechnics


June 2016


Renagade - Lighting design


Aitor Throup

‘New Object Research’ Fashion Show 2016.

Frankie Boyle Studio  challenge was to generate an unforgettable finale for Aitor Throup’s show, using his brilliant work with puppet mannequins.

Artor’s sense of excitement was infectious as we worked on two unforgettable puppets: on the first, working alongside the lighting company Renegade, Frankie Boyle produced a glowing figure whose light intensified throughout the performance.

The second puppet, after weeks of research and testing, emerged as an art form that exploded live on stage from its seven chakra colour points. The effect was both startling and captivating and evoked a powerful audience reaction.


Image credits: Aitor Throup Studio

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