Arcadia Spectacular


Lighting, Costume design


Light Initiative - Lighting systems
Jo Peacock - Costume



Combining the best of costume design by Jo Peacock with advanced LED wireless systems by Light Initiative, we created ground-breaking work for Arcadia Spectacular’s show Metamorphosis.

Jo Peacock’s ambitious design, months of research into materials, LED pathways, and many visits to Bristol to watch the aerialists in action, inspired us to create something that we had previously thought impossible.

We developed three two-piece wireless video LED neon costumes, that worked for high performance aerial choreography, designed with a synchronised inner and removable outer layer.

With up to three metre lengths of LED, the costumes dramatically displayed mapped video content throughout the show, enabled by Light Initiative’s innovative design to generate a unique and unforgettable performance.


Image credits: Giles Mayall

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