‘Discovery of the Diamond’

Febo Designs were approached by Holition Augmented Retail, to create a finale room for the an immersive experience held in South Korea by a high end jewellery brand.

The installation represented the discovery stages of the solitaire diamond. The pinnacle of the installation was the 1.2m sized replica of the solitaire diamond in all its facetted, twinkling glory.  Layers of mirror, acrylic and crystals that rotated above people heads that brought the mystery and the storytelling to life. 

The diamond was suspended above authentic jewellery displays by the brand, that were reflected within the moving facets of the sculpture, adding to the glittering kilidascopic light display. The light show was a 4 minute choreographed sequence that used external moving head lights along with integrated LED to create the perfect seminary to a sparkling life like diamond.